Oilmar is a technology platform and information service that enables buyers and sellers to conduct B2B transactions.

Oilmar helps Oil & Gas companies leverage the power and mobility of the internet in order to increase sales, make new connections, and grow revenue. Our technology is simple to use and easy to implement.

First things first; sign up. Once registered you can create listings and make deals in minutes.

  • Create your free account using your verified business email.
    Oilmar restricts registration to business emails only, no private individuals can use our service.
  • Submit verification to become a buyer or become a seller, or both.
    To conduct transactions, users need to be verified (all sensitive information remains private). This ensures a professional and secure environment focused on business.
  • After verification you can create listings, message sellers, negotiation deals and get down to business...
    All before you finish your first cup of coffee!
  • Once a deal has been negotiated, the parties transact. Oilmar can help facilitate escrow, if needed.
    We recommend using If you elect to use it, Oilmar will pay the escrow fee.

The Oil & Gas market is experiencing a new wave of recovery and growth, be the first to catch the wave with Oilmar!

About Oilmar