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Oilmar ID 539258
Serial No. 95C429A

Westinghouse 125 HP Electric Motor 3 Ph 460V, 1 Stage, 2 Throw, Knox Western Comp., Skidded & Housed Pkg.

First Second
Application: Recycle
Const.Skidded: YES
Const.Housed: YES
Const.Pkg'd: YES
DriverType: Electric
Comp.Mfg.: Knox Western
Comp.S/N: T145108
DriverMfg.: Westinghouse
DriverS/N: 1-14P8745-65
DriverSize: 125BHP
#ofStages: 1
#ofThrows: 2
InletScrub.Dim.: 16in ODX5ft
Orientation: Vertical
DesignPress.: 550psig
DesignTemp.: 151ºF
InletScrub.A#: 3061477
CRN#: M-7893.2
Serial #: 94247-BA
CRN#: M-7895.2
Serial #: 94247-BB1
1st St. Discharge Bottle A#: 3061879
CRN#: M-7894.2
Serial #: 94247-BC1
CRN#: M-7895.2
Serial #: 94247-BB2
2nd St. Discharge Bottle A#: 3061886
CRN#: M-7894.2
Serial #: 94247-BC2
Cyl. 1st St. ID #1: 3in x Stroke Lgth.4.5in
Cyl. 1st St. ID #2: 3in x Stroke Lgth.4.5in
CoolerMfg.: Amercool
CoolerModel: 48-VCI
Cooler 1stCRN#: M-8016.2
Cooler Serial#: 95C429A
Cooler 1st Serial #: 95C429-AC
Cooler 1st IC MAWP: 1300psig

Drawings, Pictures and Inspection Reports Available Upon Inquiry.

We are a Sask. based company with storage yards all over Alberta, we buy and sell oilfield equipment and we as decommission oil and gas sites.

We offer exceptional deals and fair transportation rates.

We specialize in mostly processing equipment but have a wide variety of tools, building and surplus.

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