"Oilmar's fees are performance-based. We invest in your success."
– CEO of Oilmar, Scott Tompkins

One way we offer lower costs is by charging zero listing fees.

Oilmar does not own a piece of property where assets sit in rows. Instead, items are sold "as-is, where-is."

To alleviate the concerns buyers may have about buying "sight unseen", sellers are asked to provide detailed photos and information. Although not requried, hiring a third-party inspection service is highly encouraged.

Oilmar recommends using WeGoLook. WeGoLook will document the existence, location, and condition of an asset, including 20-30 photos, in one detailed report.

There are no upfront fees for using Oilmar. Instead, we charge a success fee. That success fee depends on whether you are a buyer or seller, and the final amount transacted (before taxes.)

For Buyers No fee*

Our regular fee of 2% for buyers is waived as a benefit to early adopters. Register »

For Sellers 4-8% of final amount

At time of settlement, as much as 96% of the final amount is released to sellers. Register »

Our success fee is determined using the pricing schedule below. If you choose Escrow.com, we will collect it automatically. Otherwise, you will be invoiced for the amount.

Amount Transacted Success Fee Minimum Fee
Less than $100,000 8% $100
$100,000-$250,000 7% $8,000
$250,000-$500,000 6% $17,500
$500,000-$1 million 5% $30,000
More than $1 million 4% $50,000

Escrow Fee

Secure settlement via Escrow.com is something we highly recommend. We even go so far as to pay the fee. (Usually about 1%.) Pay by: Wire Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal, Check, or Money Order.

Default Fee

Buyers who fail to pay for their orders are subject to a $500 per piece default fee. Either a credit card on file or a refundable deposit are part of the verification process.

Late Fee

After an offer is accepted, buyers have 5 business days to fund their Escrow.com transaction. Buyers may be subject to a $25 per day late fee for payments made after that.

Storage Fee

After Escrow.com confirms payment, buyers have 8 business days to pickup their asset. Buyers may be subject to a $50 per day storage fee for pickups made after that.

* Buyers are responsible for cost of shipping and taxes.

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